About me

A life rich with traveling, living in various continents since childhood and the exposure to Eastern and Western cultures had a major influence on me.

After receiving my BA in social sciences from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and studying art in various studios (1983-1986), I traveled to South East Asia. The encounter with Eastern philosophy drew me to study yoga and meditation while staying in different ashrams and monasteries . In 1989 I joined an international experimental community in India named Auroville. Auroville puts as an aim to combine Eastern and Western thought and practicality, while exploring alternative ways of living. In Auroville I worked as textile designer and art teacher till 1993. On my return to Israel I continued my studies and received my MA in art therapy from Lesley College, Boston, in 1996.

Eastern thought and Depth Psychology (Jungian psychology) have influenced the way I perceive the world and my artistic expression; they are the intellectual and emotional ground for my work. In addition, dance and Tai Chi have great influence on my art. Movement that builds up slowly or erupts and movement that flows through me are expressed in the paintings and are extensions of what is felt within.

I have a studio in Tel Aviv, am married and have two children.