Artist Statement

My art explores change and movement as it is perceived within the body. It is the outcome of focusing awareness into the sensation evolving within at the present moment. Sensing energy and emotion in their crude form led to abstract representation.

Over the years painting has become a channel for reaching deeper into my experience and expressing what I perceive. Art had become a bridge between inner and outer experience.

My perception of inner occurrences is through colour and motion. The inner movement is expressed by body movement becoming one with the paint brush, revealing the internal picture on the canvas as the painting develops, thus inner change is reflected in the art.

My art is innately connected to my life experience. Buddhist thought and the practice of meditation gave emphasis to the awareness of the “here and now”, Tai Chi and dance developed strong body and movement awareness and Jungian psychology had taken me to the depth of observing emotional phenomena while containing its opposites. All take part in the evolving of the paintings.

Each painting has its own route of development, and is never planned or decided upon in advance. The awareness to various deep rooted sensations exposes the existence of opposing forces which are contained on the canvas. Layers of diluted paint reveal the different archeological levels of the inner movements, the unending change is captured by the brush strokes and the white canvas reveals the space for a different beginning.
I work mostly on the floor and approach each canvas from all sides thus each direction reveals the painting in a new way.

“My interest in the “here and now” and exploring it through art is deeply connected to my life experience.”